Friday, February 26, 2010

A Ton of Information for the Digital Age

I thought that Joyce's video "The Wizard of Apps" had a lot of great tools for properly using the Web to gather information, share information and overall improve the classroom. I also thought the presentation was rather creative.

I had a little trouble reading some of the slides in the video, but those were provided in a separate link so I was able to go back over it which was really helpful. I also appreciated that she included a link to her wikispaces. It includes links to all the Apps that the video referred to and then some, so its a great resource for finding the online tools you need.

Her mention of people search tools peaked my interest so I decided to search for myself. I was surprised how much information came up. It pulled up all of my public networking sites and who was following my blog, even a criminal background check of myself and one other person in Oklahoma City were linked. I feel its good to know what a potential employer would see if they searched for you.

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