Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nafiza's World

This video from edutopia follows Nafiza as she talks about how technology affects both her personal life and her education. I found it interesting how these projects was used to teach a variety of different things. Students were not only learning how to use a variety of different technological tools, such as 2nd life and flickr, but were also gaining knowledge of the inequality in education in various countries.

I feel that I can relate to Nafiza's use of technology in her personal life a great deal. I carry a Zune and am fond of the conveniece that an mp3 player provides. It is smaller and holds more music than a cd player, and I can use headphones or hook it up to the speakers in my car. I am also fond of video games, though I don't share Nafiza's enthusiasim for fighters and racing games.

Students can make videos, like what Nafiza's class made to point out the issues with education in various countries, to talk about other subjects. For an example, in a math lessons from throughout the semester can be divided up amongst groups of students to make tutorial videos. It would not only improve their understanding of the different tools, but the students get a better understanding of the material if they try to teach it.

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  1. I liked your idea to use the tools in other areas. It's kind of like how Cameron used his skills to help his math teacher.

    I also love my Ipod. I listen to it everyday as I walk across campus.